Sunday, June 25, 2006

...capitalists need to regain the moral high ground

Mankind is motivated primarily by morality. The mental justification for the virtue of your actions plays such an important role in the mind of the individual and social consciousness.

For too long now has capitalism been branded as “practical but immoral” and collectivism as “moral but impractical.”

This cross comparison has been made an uncountable number of times and is regurgitated by TV, books, films, magazines and newspapers.

The young are particularly immersed in this propaganda.

Haven’t you ever noticed how the youth often start as socialists but later in life when facing the practicalities in existence partially accepts capitalism? This is often seen as idealism being sidelined by experience. Morality compromised by reality.

People spend the rest of their lives being resentful of the means that sustains them and of being told by collectivist preachers that their lives are immoral and evil.

People believe or are told to believe that they are dammed by the required needs of their existence; an original sin.

Worse yet people are told that happiness is akin to sin or at best unimportant, worth nothing. You are told your happiness should be sacrificed for the needs of others. Life is ascribed the rules of a zero sum game in which any win for your is a loss for someone else.

If the collectivist dogmatists had their way every plus 1 you had would be used to fill a minus 1 in someone else. The only acceptable outcome they would allow is zero for everyone; a tie game.

What effect does this morality have on a person when they are told they are immoral by the means of their survival and every happiness they have earned is a violation against others?

Guilt for mere existence and guilt for joy.

People resent what happiness and success they achieve as a necessity, but they hate the success and happiness of wealthy industrialist and businessman as pure evil.

But life isn’t a zero-sum game, it is beyond that.

Man’s means of survival is rationality and ingenuity, both come from his mind. To embrace a morality that rejects our means of survival is to embrace a morality of suicide.

Capitalism is a morality of its own, and the businessman or industrialist are its greatest adherents.

Capitalism does not work off violence and force, it asks man to act out of rationality with each person’s own individual gain and happiness being the prime motivator.

It acknowledges your right over your own creations and asks for no man to be a sacrifice for others. It rewards the greatest achievers.

Can you name one thing that has not improved since your grandparents’ time? Or even your parents’ youth?

What would capitalism achieve when it is not hampered by the suicide morality of collectivism that demands intervention and punishes those most able.

What if capitalism was realised as the moral code it is, one that views happiness as life’s only goal?


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