Thursday, June 15, 2006

...libertarianism requires great personal honesty and bravery

The government is violence, and anything people want from the government is gained by the barrel of a gun.

I believe that it is ignorance of this that most allows state power to exist and grow.

I have found that people will do what they can to keep this fact from being fully realised.

This is because we’re all moral creatures and once the violence of the sate is exposed you can either blindly deny that this is the case, attempt to moralise the violence, or you have to accept the state is fundamentally immoral and by promoting its use and growth you too have been immoral.

It is far easier to rationalise the violence in a false way ("elections make it okay") rather than being honest and having to face past instances of immorality in not only yourself but in most of the people you love too.
This is tough, my sympathy and admiration goes out to anyone who is able to accept past immorality and embrace new ideas.

Hopefully once anyone fully understands violence as the core of state power they will refrain from using it and maybe promote its limitation or abolition.

This is a major step towards developing a fully integrated and morally consistent philosophy. Every step is hard work, but worth it.


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